Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review of Week/ Plan

Positive feedback from both John and Sue on new progression.

a case of keeping this level of work going, expanding and improving.

Drawing felt good. 

It felt really, really good.

experimenting with new/different media and scale and tone really helped loosen me up for concept work.

 More forward, please.

What's next?

  • continue to explore tone:important to establish this early on.
  • give grounding and consistency to a world
  • thematic ties:
earthy colour palette
thatched buildings
rounded forms in architecture
smoke pipes

coal colour palette
geometric, domelike architecture
smoke rollups
hardwearing clothes

Other Thoughts/Concerns

  • Reimagine the rabbits/pig that gray mentioned as insects?
  • Another interesting visual cue, can harness tacit entomological knowledge.
  • Avoiding reading and writing element at the moment? Feel disconnected from this aspect, must engage and involve self with this again.

Media to consider for Review

  • Limbo (visual language of silent cinema; no dialogue, atmosphere etc but also: plot is only revealed as you play, no direction, no introduction (cold opening) minimal, ambient music.
  • Webcomics: Hobo Lobo, Margot's Room, The Prince and the Sea: utilisation of formats only the computer can offer.
  • Both rely on audience as editor and director: they push the narrative forward/interact with it to greater and lesser extents.

Aims And Objectives from last week:

  • Organise and reflect more.
  • Explore potential voice/tone of project
  • Generate a lot of character designs
  • explore colour/media


  • Weekly planner and daily goals
  • 10 sheets of character/concept design
  • 2 more sculptures.
  • New reflective format: pictures of process, notebook.


Again: Mostly.

 Still getting used to new model of study, and this week has been rather full of extracurricular activity.
Organising a weekly planner and setting daily goals has been a great success this week; I feel much more capable and on task as a result.

Headway has been made in the new reflective format and use of notebook/photography of process.

The rapid generation techniques and new processes explored in the concept sheets have yielded great results in exploration of tone and style. 

Sculpting progress has been slow this week, this objective will roll on to next week's free time.

Aims And Objectives for week beginning 12/12/11

  • get contextual review model up and running
  • re-engage with the academic gumshoe in me.
  • check in on narrative development
  • consider tone/colour/other thematic storytelling links.
  • more drawing of this world, make it more amd more real (explore what it could be)


  • Reread original text, gather more information and refine story again **
  • 3000-6000 words on contextual review ** ***
  • 10 sheets of character/concept design
  • 2-3 finished sculptures in different media (rolling from last week)

** Keep Doodledump/Diary at hand in case of sudden inspiration hits

*** 2 Process Reviews, 2 Critical Reviews

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