Sunday, 18 December 2011

Review of Week/ Plan

Interesting conversation with Gray about clothing/housing of miners and farmers.


  • on shift: practically nothing (due to the heat)
  • patched clothes
  • strapped on kneepads
  • waistcoats
  • one suit for all occasions
  • flannel clothes for casual
  • baggy trousers
  • braces
  • "smock" style fleece coats
  • collarless shirts
Both would tie their trouser-bottoms up to stop rats and mice running up their legs when working.

Miners worked 14 hour shifts (split into days, afternoons and nights)
And they wouldn't count as clocked in until they had made the 1 hour hike to the coal face.

They would go straight to the river after their shift to wash.

Friday to Saturday were often spent drinking away the expendable income.

Layout of the inside of miners' houses from memory.

Layout of the mill.

He also suggested a very informative resource of images/information about household life:


Variety of markmaking tools (dip pen, fineliner, brush pen) still making for loose, productive drawing.
Not as much colour work this week though. 

What's next?

Met Kevin (resistant materials 3D technician). May contact about possible project direction next year.

Must explore more of the world these characters live in: 

  • technology, clothes, architecture
  • fully realised concept art: lived-in landscapes
  • scenery in motion
  • is it a tiny world? human scale? existing in our own world? it's own world?

Other Thoughts/Concerns

  • Academic reading still an issue, will make plenty of free time for this next week.
  • Project still feels "up in the air". disconnected between Theory and Practise. Must work harder to achieve Praxis.
  • Should consider moving towards more character-specific designs by January. progression in more general concept work must support this. ie: general world more-or-less solid by then.
  • Avoid mouths on the characters? (without them they are silent by necessity) how far can emotive expression be pushed without a mouth? 
  • miniaturisation as a metaphor for microcosm?
  • look into sociological writing about villages in the 1940s?
  • The woodcut process in silent novels- why is it so common? (Sue Coe, Frans Masereel, Combustion, Southern Cross)

Aims And Objectives from last week:


  • get contextual review model up and running
  • re-engage with the academic gumshoe in me.
  • check in on narrative development
  • consider tone/colour/other thematic storytelling links.
  • more drawing of this world, make it more and more real (explore what it could be)


  • Reread original text, gather more information and refine story again **
  • 3000-6000 words on contextual review ** ***
  • 10 sheets of character/concept design
  • 2-3 finished sculptures in different media (rolling from last week)

 **Keep Doodledump/Diary at hand in case of sudden inspiration hits
*** 2 Process Reviews, 2 Critical Reviews.


This week has been slow progress due to a lot of outside factors.
Small, simplified designer-toy like sculptures seem to work. Must finish.
Have continued to experiment with look and tone of characters and their environment,
 must be more focused in efforts now: learn from drawings, not just idle doodling: 
  • what works?
  • what to take forward/what not to?
  • how far does it move the narrative development forward?
Did not achieve wordcount on writing, but have re-engaged with it successfully, I feel (should send copies of work to Neil/Phil/John for feedback). 

Substantial amount of drawing produced, considering it part of the "pool" of potential directions, to review soon.

Talk with Gray and material he provided this week have helped move the narrative forward again, through aiding in establishing the background of this world.

Aims And Objectives for week beginning 12/12/11


  • continue with visual/written development of the narrative- Can I describe it perfectly to someone by the end of the week?
  • re-engage with academic reading 
  • Bring project together in my head and take control of direction and position.
  • Think more about sculpture finish: painting etc.
  • draw and sculpt every day.
  • colour!

  • colour washes/annotation where needed for last weeks drawings
  • 2-3000 words on contextual review (rolling forward from last week)
  • 5 sheets of costume concepts 
  • 5 sheets of architectural/landscape
  • 5 sheets of "prop" concepts
  • 2 finished 3D experiments (1 experiment relating to landscape/architecture)
  • Start texture collecting (scans, photos) (10-20 images?)

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