Sunday, 4 December 2011

Review of Week/ Plan

First week of part time, relaxing into new method of research/practise.

Still sorting myself out- can't be too hard on self for not meeting goals.

Good progress on further drawings and sculpting, these still feel a little too stiff and restricted however.

Gut reaction on anthropomorphised characters is good: they have most potential.


  • Non linear books: the work of Franz Masereel
  • decompression
  • Research position identified: "In and Through" 
  • where to take this? (contact Neil and Phil)
  • Chase up journals (contact Frederick)

  • At what point did I stop wanting to be a master of storytelling?
  • I never did, I just lost my way. this is the path there.

Aims And Objectives from last week:


  • Assess research position
  • Refine and advance narrative
  • Kick-start academic reading again.


  • At least 2 Sculptures
  • Designs for narrator character
  • Reorganise notes/reflective journal and written element of project.


Mostly; narrative progression has come mostly from working on practise. further designs for narrator will require that I first conceptualise the environment he is from: the setting and the generic characters.

Aims And Objectives for week beginning 5/12/11

  • Organise and reflect more.
  • Explore potential voice/tone of 
  • Generate a lot of character designs
  • explore colour/media


  • Weekly planner and daily goals
  • 10 sheets of character/concept design
  • 2 more sculptures.
  • New reflective format: pictures of process, notebook.

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