Monday, 5 December 2011

Neil (AM)

His Research Project
  • Ruins, Rust and Rubbish: the aesthetics of waste
  • dialectic
  • Capriccio- imagined ruins (Caneleto)
  • Deckers, The way of All Flesh "too new to be old, too old to be new"
  • Birmingham nostalgia (right word?) Kieth Berry, Phyllis Nicklin
  • patina: a completely different substance coming from the existence of the original product
  • "brassing" on old camera bodies
  • rammel: east midlands term for other peoples' rubbish
  • Wabi-Sabi: the celebration of culture >to> nature 
  • imperfect/impermanent
  • not symbolic or representational
  • lack of pretense
  • beware of commercialised Wabi sabi


  • Considerations of these aesthetics could be key to landscaping and developing the world of my story.

Presentation (how not to fail)

  • Introduce self 
  • Introduce what the presentation will cover

The Project
  • Initial interest/inspiration
  • issues
  • changes
  • development

The Plan (what will you do?)
  • Preparation Phase
  • Major Project
  • Negotiated written Study
  • Dissemination

Further Notes
  • 15 minutes: Time it. Plan it.
  • Clean. No fancy business.
  • no going off half cocked
  • practise
  • know your material
  • few notes (none even better)
  • brevity

John (PM)

Review of work (part time)
  • More colour
  • consider soft sculpture (what if they had skin of a fabric reflecting their profession?)
  • bigger scale!
  • symbolism of clothing: character entirely conveyed by costume?

Doing well :)

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