Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How involved in it's own logic is this world?

Are the mice and moles just wearing human clothes/using human technology?

This asks the audience to suspend disbelief*: they know moles and mice don't do this: they are acting the part of people, more symbolic, postmodern.

how does a mole, with it's big claws, do up fiddly buttons, or tie a knot?


Are they part of their own logical world?

They wear mole clothes and mouse clothes: taking influence from the clothing of the time for humans and extrapolating how this would work in a society of these characters?


  • how has the memory of rural life been documented in narrative before?
  • Thomas Hardy?
  • what are the benefits of stories told with letters/words alone?
  • abstract symbols in place of dialogue bubbles?
  • what makes something look old? texture/colour/shape?
  • husbandry and habits of the moe and the field mouse: diet, behaviour?
  • is their world miniature? a literal mouse world?
  • are they even wearing clothes?
Be aware of / Avoid:
  • Wind in the Willows
  • Sylvanian Families
  • Lenor Advert cloth-people

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