Monday, 14 November 2011

Spent today (AM) getting back up to speed with notes and reflective journal (this happens a lot, stop it Kyle) and talking about the general mindset of the full timers on the course- we're all feeling a little apprehensive and I think we all need this afternoon's talk by Chris

Random interlude by a guy called Mike (?)

Jumped in and asked what I'm all about on this course.

Suggested the language of ballet may be worth looking into.

Curve ball. I like it.

Chris Twigg (PM)

Research and Enterprise

. Figure out what I do, where I sit as a creative

. Ask yourself: what do you want to achieve? where next? What type of creative am I?

Prep for Major Project

.Question => Answer => Summary

. Give the project a name and it makes it real.

. don't be afraid of going to 3D

. discourse

(Discussion on methodology)

. Don't be put off by the word! It's just "a collection of methods!"

. the underpinning research

. how to test/reflect




. Getting it out there

. Blogs and journals (hadn't thought of this; utilise article writing skills, or try to get noticed by drawn? maybe an interesting blog post based article get friends to reblog? Hmm.)

Further Advice

. Build upon work that has gone before: be aware, research, but don't try and reinvent the wheel

. What to write up for research: things that have changed/informed/challenged practice and direction

. It's a changing, organic thing

. work smarter, not harder; put time into thinking and headspace organisation.

. document as you go, but keep it rough, raw and honest. \9it's for you, not anyone else)

. testing of your work/your question: quantitive (questionnaires) or qualitive (interviews); whatever works for me.

. set a framework


. Mentors: I call the shots, and head up the meetings; take charge. Eventually my knowledge in my chosen area will surpass that of my mentor.
(Obi Wan moment. Wicked.)

Research Reading:

. read appropriately/work smart/work logically/pull things to a conclusion

The CRUNCH: How Much Do We Need To Pass?

. enough to get your idea across (reading/reflection/practical)

. displacement therapies are all good- but sometimes tou just have to get stuck in and blast it!


Had a chat with the head of Interactive Media (?) on the way out of the studio. Offered some input and a cup of tea whenever I need it. May well take the fella up on it sometime.

Recieved confirmation of inductions/tutorials for Etching and Casting, Agreed to meet Darren for a coffee and a chat tomorrow (write up a few questions to ask)

Will spend the night sorting out my headspace going over work to be done, previous failings with my 3D work and general brain-janitor work, followed by some sculpting if I get time.

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