Thursday, 10 November 2011

Review with Neil

Talked over changes to direction of project, concerns and where my research is heading, he seems quite happy that I am going in the right direction with a solid idea.

Further notes:

. Think about books: process/making doing/the final outcome

. Exploring "how far..."

. just keep on DOING

. comic as a summary of reflective journal?

. 4 mini projects: (3D/Pen and Ink/Printmaking/ Photography and masks? type as character?) would cover my research fine (with annotation)

Excuse me if I take this as a sign to not worry quite as much.

Brief talk with John

. Highlighted theatre as a potential source of influence: stage design, creating theatrical spaces, vignettes of points from my family's life.


. Their journal is called Blue Pages (chase up at library)

. Do I need to construct 'full round' models? why not just a small element, that needed to sell the image, the scene as a whole enough? Or simple relief? Benefits and constraints of these methods?

. Performative realities

. Conceptually interesting

. (be open to take what I do into any arena- me as a theatre designer? I could dig that)

. practice makes me a better illustrator; but widening horizons makes me a better thinker.

. David Hockney


Had a chat with Poppy from fashion on the way out; sourcing somewhere for offcuts and odds and ends for sculptures.
Ended up having a big chat about what we could get up to from an illustration stadpoint, took a look at the digital embroidery machine, and talked about maybe having an induction to using it soon. Brilliant.

Also suggested taking a visit to the jewellery studio sometime, take a look at the wires/found objects/processes used.

Why haven't I been chasing up my contacts?

Send emails tonight to:

Poppy (fashion)
Emma (printmaking)
Rob (moldmaking and casting)
Darren (he should be my go-to guy!
Sarah (jewellery)

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