Sunday, 27 November 2011

Review of Week/ Plan

A lot to consider this week.

Considering next week a fresh start on the course, but learning from what I have done/thought/made/listened to so far.

Develop, adapt and progress from here.


  • Does Darren's research negate the validity of my own? Am I reinventing the wheel? Where are the gaps in his research I could mine? (perhaps my narrative focus as opposed to critical assessment is key here)
  • Focus on pure character design: a fully realized world of designer toys?
  • Consider characters as a visual language in and of themselves (Pictoplasma)
  • What method is best for presentation of contextual review? maybe booklets? simple, university paperwork regulation "official" text documents? (perhaps drawn over/around/attached notes)
  • Consider Guillermo Del Toro's use of colour (theme, emotion, ties to characters)


Assess research position

Refine and advance narrative

Kick-start academic reading again.


At least 2 Sculptures

Designs for narrator character

Reorganise notes/reflective journal and written element of project.

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