Friday, 11 November 2011

Oliver's work sparked a thought process into the final product of my imagemaking process: the book and use of paper beyond print: will look further into processes that could inform a well considered, precious and expressive final book design.

Think Shaun Tan. Think MetaMaus.

Also; consider the use of paper sculpture for models? Have an experiment.

Following up Neils discourse books at the library, began with Wild Things, will check for relevance.

Took a look through Eye magazine back catalogue; will let John know which I need to borrow.

Spent time on Neils Uninteresting Project.

Finding it hard to enter the mindset, I know that's the challenge set; but actively searching for boring things isn't coming easy. will try and spend more time on this at another date if possible.

redirected energy towards reading through document Neil set.

Found content thought provoking, but writing style made the flow of information difficult. Will write up properly when we review the text Thursday.

Spent night reading through Visible Signs, continued with modelmaking.

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