Wednesday, 9 November 2011

meltdown and reform

lost direction for last 2 weeks, drawing myself into a rut.

Back on course (I think)

Graphic Novel direction was pigeonholing what I do too much; just make it sequential art: wider, more scope for research now, can delve back into the key points with a fresh mind.

Tutorial with Sue:

Excited about idea, getting back to hands on, hands dirty work.

Suggested I check out Raymond Briggs' Ethel and Ernest

Find out about eccentric ancestors.

A mixed media family tree?

Met up with Ollie (resident artist, former coursemate) at Chad Varah, chatted about his current project, started on sculpting work. Genuinely felt excellent to get my hands on some Polymer clay and just doodle with it again.

To Do:

Recompile Notes

Type up notes and scattered thoughts

Sort out paperwork

Plan of attack for contextual review: look at each section, write up how to tackle it.

Think about what didn't work before with 3D work. Write up.

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