Thursday, 17 November 2011

Induction to Moldmaking/casting studio

> Biresin G26

Warnings/ Considerations/ Limitations

> Avoid all moisture

> Solid objects inset in resin/high volumes of resin are ill advised: will cause stress and cracks to appear.

> Gets hot as it cures (safety, and could wilt/destroy things set in it)

> Handle clear resin as little as possible (avoid air bubbles)

> Best measured out in syringes (can be reused!)

Benefits/ Tips

> Workable, fast setting resin

> Good for rubber moulds (urethane)

> Liquid enough for rotation casting (saves on material)

> Relatively cheap

> leave a little to cure to one side: gives you a visual on what's happening inside the mould.

> For future reference: best to build sprues into models with multiple parts (aluminium wire or solder is good)

Will return to this process with experiments based around characters that will be used repeatedly in scenes, to see if this makes for a more expedient process.

Neil (PM)
Review of reading task "The idea of comfort"

This is the level of article we should be reading (JSTOR)


Elitism of technical jargon (a keep out sign for non-academics/dressing it up for other academics)

Nonetheless, should still be reading these kind of articles.

What does it propose?

Comfort is a modern idea (the concept, the apparatus)

How is it written?

Anticapitalist/Leftist viewpoint

Only refers to information supporting the argument (no counter-view)


Little Nuance



Don't defer, be critical, gather a lot of viewpoints relating to (but not necessarily agreeing with) your subject.

 Further Notes/Reflection:

This highlights issues with my academic reading thus far.

Think about sources the same way I'd assess a history text: When was it written? what's the writer's agenda?

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