Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Getting the narrative together

 The earlier it's sorted: the better


Look at 
Shaun Tan
Isidro Ferrer
Ice Book
The Hub

Then refer these back to ME, Be analytical.

Other considerations:


Fantastical elements?

Layers of Meaning

Bring this alive, get the visual language right first and foremost: explore lots of possibilities.

Me as editor/director: What do I show/what do I not show?


START: With the the text- print off, write, draw, think over it!

Stop focusing on time. You make time. it is relative.

Remember Gray's writings are the starting point only:

Designing characters, players, costumes, scenery and stage for a fantastical story.

Further Notes/Reflection

Peter Greenaway: The Cook, the Thief, The Wife and Her Lover.

Use of thematic colour.

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