Friday, 25 November 2011

Etching Induction

Use of old, unusual method of creating images: context changes with the quality and type of line/image quality produced.

Must schedule talk with Chris Roantree to discuss this.

Review of Full Time work with John and Coursemates.

Feedback is part of the conversation "loop".

this is all conversation.

Not about me: about my work.

Assessing work: Key questions

1) What does it communicate? (have a gut reaction: then challenge this)

2) Does the work have focus/direction/purpose?

3) What evidence of good practice is there?

4) What is yet to be produced/What is missing?

5) How many hours does this represent?

6) Constructive Advice.


    From Peers:

  • Illustration and characters come to the fore
  • No clear direction in work (about a narrative, but no narrative to the work!)
  • Confusing: lacks context
  • Needs: 
  • FOCUS.
  • The "silent" element is not obvious.
  • Explore books/online processes?
   From John (General):
  • Consider the 3 approaches: Scattergun (pattern), Systematic (Sequence), Directionless (Cautious)
  • None of the above are perfect, all require an element of the others (perhaps excepting Directionless)

  • Always more documentation: write notes for own benefit.
  • beware of repetition and padding
  • develop ideas: but don't commit yet!
  • drawing as: recording, investigation, communication
  • find a happy medium of drawing and writing

  • aims* and objectives** are key to progression
** measurable

   From John (Specific):

  • lack of direction/sustained enquiry
  • I have my aim, my project well rounded: it's making it come alive now
  • I control the entire world i create
  • find the voice, the tone


  •   Narrative
  • Character
  • Scenography
  • Style (look and voice)
  • Context

Further Notes/Reflection:

A lot to think about today.

Positive forward motion from here: apply this to part time study model discussed with John.

The science of proper questionnaires: ask Neil

There are only 5 stories in the world- What are they?

Aims and Objectives: Set 3 a week, review previous week. 

make this the focus of reflective journal?

Weekly review (Sunday?)

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