Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Didn't get chance to do any modelmaking last night, had a much needed sleep.

Woke up refreshed and pepped up (if late).

The power of backrubs.

Thoughts (from last night)

> What DIDN'T work with 3D work before?

Photography: always an afterthought

Took forever to make, spent hours on details

Never really planned as illustrations, always contextless self indulgent objects.

The final edited together outcome: passes, texture, layers; in short the FINISH.

> What DID work?



Display of skill and understanding in craft

Honestly where I enjoy my work most (and it shows)

> My question

A case of "how far..."

Can something as personal and emotional as family history and stories be recorded (and more importantly; Told) as a textless narrative?

Considerations of information graphic.

Talk with Darren (AM)

Gave Darren the lowdown on where I am.


. Gather together the text- have a cut-off point for when i will stop compiling.

. Find ways of measuring these family stories against other narratives, how good are they?

. Be critical. Quantify.

. Test audiences: compare what they get from words, and what they get from images.

. What is lost/ what is gained from each?

. Compare story quality to James Thurber/ Will Self/ Raymond Carver/ Michael Marshall Smith

. The stories I gather may well be banal, only interesting to me (probably the case) but it could come down to how I tell it:

> Fantastical Visuals? 

> Think about Aardman: Creature Comforts.

> They made the simple stories told interesting- personal anecdotes made electric by presentation.


. textlessnarratives.blogspot.com

. silentgraphicnovels.com


. dip into the above resources (like a hot bath)

. then refine the story like hell

. Maybe focus down to around 5 anecdotes to develop.

. I am engaging in the words => pictures debate through this.


Good Stories

Personal Journey


(enough ammunition here, with this methodology, to get through to the dissemination)


Don't go into psychology babble and that stuff too far: you won't find anything a full time scientist wouldn't, and this is not a PHD.


Brian and Howard popped in as well, very useful and a good chance to have a relaxed chat on a different level with some old faces- seem to be quite pleased with where I am mindset wise- the fact it's all a big headfuck is a good thing.

Considerations of final product: precious artist book? Zine? can it be both?

Daily goals: will help to keep me focused.


Visualise the Narrator as a character.




from there I have a visual for a voice.

Review With John (PM)

Highlighted problems with my application of self to the course,

Too much stressing and not enough doing.

We can consider this the restart of work as of today.

Get back on track and refine down my question and my research.

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