Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari:

bold, harsh contrast, expression! (there is no sound, so expression is key!)

Sue Edwards

Shaun Tan and Publishing

Isolation (the outsider/upbringing/emigration)

Variety of influence:

Heironymous Bosch

Brett Whitely

Gustave Dore

Raymond Briggs


John Brack


Edward Hopper

I could learn from this- this is exactly what John was talking about.

His Work:

> The Rabbits

. multiple levels hit with what could have been a simplistic, inelegantly approached children's book.

. more value, speculation, widened audience and appeal, provokes discussion, thought

> The Red Tree

. minimal text

. discussion of heavy emotional themes and depression: but doesn't cop out with 'dark' imagery- it's more sophisticated than that (collage to suggest confusion)

> The Arrival

. Raymond Briggs' silent narratives were the starting point (look into Raymond's work)

. The complete package! no detail spared, the book is an artefact!

. note that he used 3D reference for the scenes: different disciplines informing one another.

. all his fantastical imagery has basis in the everyday

> The Lost Thing

. again; layers of metaphor and sophistication in storytelling (political allegory)

. stylised, less rendered and realistic than the arrival

. subversive nature of story juxtaposed with the flat, matter of fact nature of the text.

> Tales of Outer Suburbia

. note the confidence in a variety of media.


Painstaking, committed approach to creative process: he lives his work.

He absorbs, distils

Depth- the childrens' book is a vehicle- a means to express through, not a cynical limitation

For example; think how Tan would approach a subject such as visual impairment?




Continued work on roughs based around Selected text from my Grandfather's writing and Philip Larkin.

At the moment, the work based around my Grandfather's story is the most engaging for me.

John (PM)


Explain where the hours have gone

Should look personal. All me. What I'm all about.

Making is the moment that just works.

Practice and identity. What makes me me, what makes what I do me too

Judas Priest...really?

John alerted me to Isidro Ferrer's work.


The guy is an artist/designer/sculptor/illustrator/photographer

In short, the multiskill, cohesive auteur I once aspired to be, but have not utilised the skillbase in a very long time.

Highlighted Brian's comment, John seemed very keen on this being a good direction for my energies. This will now take a lot of rethinking and restructuring in concept and physical work, but i am confident I can make this work.

I have to.

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