Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tutorial with John (PM)

> John commented first on the difference between good stress/worrying, and freezing in place.

> John reassured me I don't do that, i get on and do. This is what I do, this will just streamline me.

> discussed 6 keywords: Try to narrow down to 3 by end of the prep phase (via the contextual review) This could be via research, reflection, or just pure gut reaction.

Self Authoring/ A different basis

> Basing it in another's writing may save some serious ballbreaking creatively to use someone else's words.

> It will give critical distance.

Narrowed down to 3 possible sources:

> Granddad's stories

> Franz Kafka

> Philip Larkin


For next tutorial:

1) My reading list so far.

2) Everything I have done so far.

3) Bring some possible: Kafka/Larkin/Gray's writing to look at.

4) What is my QUESTION? What do I want to find out from this process?


> Paul Craven

> Poetics of Space

> Paul Gravett

> Emily Carrol's work: viewer as editor

> Go on Eye magazine website: look at back-catalogue, let John know what I wanna borrow next week.


Chilled and drew with Alice, on the mend now.

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