Tuesday, 11 October 2011

To discuss today

Ideas for project direction and area of research:

> The place of 3D Illustration in Comics

As a sculptor as well as an illustrator, I would relish the chance to expand upon the skills in this area, and finally give context to the technically superior work I produce in three dimensions. Others have been successful in this respect (Dave McKeane), but I feel things could be pushed further.

> Exploring the silent comic

The image can relay things that the word would only confuse. The silent image can transcend language barriers.

Met a nice old lady who runs a book shop on Monk's Road (i got lost looking for the gallery last thursday), whe told me about the German concept of the "Fuhne" (sp?), a warm wind which, in German culture, is said to have a maddening effect. People still get let off crimes today because they were affected by the Fuhne. This got me thinking about untranslatable words in other languages, and how they could better be communicated in words than pictures across the language barrier.

> Web vs Print

This debate may seem outdated, but the reality is that it is as contentious as ever. There are a great deal of British comics artists who tread the line between: operating in a small press, zine culture, and as web-based entities.

Some have embraced the web fully, and utilized the ways in which comics can exploit and be moved forward by the internet, expanding upon the "infinite canvas" Scott McCloud described.

> Comics as a medium for teaching.

I have found substantial evidence supporting this as perhaps a direction that would benefit further study, and would be of greatest potential use to society of the four.

Finding one to pin down from these will be tricky, I need to have a good talk with John today and collate my thoughts well on the matter. this will also help inform the task set by Neil.

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