Monday, 24 October 2011

Review of research behind practice with Neil.

Still recovering from yesterday's illness.

Neil (AM)

Research behind practice

[First 30 minutes missed]


> Research is done by people

> You have to understand people

> not so much individuals: overall view.

> don;t generalize without knowing your stuff.


> What people make


It goes both ways- they can influence one another. Objects influence humans, humans influence and create objects, eg;

> Irrational emotional attachment to objects

> poorly designed objects constrict human activity with their constraints. (Neil said my comment here was "Good but literal", look into what he means)

> objects impress back, inform.


encapsulates both above points...

...but is also the product of these points.

> Then we talked about cultural attitudes to farting. Wicked.


> Post War Austerity >> Thatcher >> Self centred, entrepreneurial culture we have now.

To research this stuff is a BIG TASK, There are ways to break it down for a design researcher:

(About here, Neil told us to stop writing)

Extra Notes:

> Fear or Freedom, To Have or to Be (Eric Fron)

> Papanek

> The different cognition of the inuit due to circular walls

> start somewhere very different from where you are studying

> Black/White/Red

> Love a Spider.

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