Monday, 31 October 2011

Research in and through practice

. theory with a little "t" vs theory with a big "T"

. be scholarly and academic BUT DON'T BE AFRAID TO SHOW THE LOVE OF YOUR CRAFT

. world of theory has little relevance outside of academia (we have briefs to follow on the outside)

. think about being a moral vegetarian; how may this inform practice?

.would you inform using this? impose?

.consider gestalt knowledge

. should be testing practice against theory...

...but what if theory can be informed by practice?

. Cant there be more interrelation?

. determinist viewpoint: cause and effect (David Pi (sp?))

.(cars/crappy 'good enough'design. quick fixes/bad. BAD. BAD)



informed doin/reflection

the whole thing

in a nutshell

. The 'getting it' moment. The things it opens up, then applying it to the next task.

. like clicking your fingers


The suspension of temporality whilst engaged practically

Imagine a meaningless job forever. Now work harder.

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