Thursday, 27 October 2011

Neil (PM)

Reviewing Research Behind Practise

> Context

> Meta design? Not really what Neil was aiming for, but good point)

How it applies for me:

> Authorship/Audience.

> Joyce: suggestion of perhaps looking into sequential art for those who cannot read/illiterate.

> Mahsa: Commented on her friend's blindness.

"As a blind child I need to know what the reactions are. I mean I can totally understand what the form of a leaf or a book is but when my mum is crying I don’t know what she looks like. I need to touch the emotions of frowning eyebrows smiling or something else. Nobody allows me to touch his/her face when there are lots of reactions on their face that I have to know. Also I need to find out more how big are the tools which I am surrounded by. I cannot find out how big an elephant is because it is so scary to approach to it or I want to know what the skin of a tiger looks like because its skin is just distinguished by a harmony of the colors..."

This provokes all kinds of questions as to approach in practice. To follow up.

- Friend described blindness as feeling like silence

- Texture, feel, haptic feedback.

- smell


> Boring things project (end of term, but get going NOW)

> Reading Task: for 2 weeks' time

> Third task? forgotten, CHASE UP.

Discussion in Design Value

> What adds value?

- Ability to build (kits)

- Being able to add in personal items (Ollie's suggestion of photo bookmark)

- Narratives (Lilliput Lane)

- How much you charge

- Involvement/maintenance*

* Garden of Objects (Borgman (sp?))

Designing products which demand something of the user.
(didn't go far)

Tamagotchi the perfect example.

Further Notes:

> Cradle to Cradle as a Green design principle.

> The Design of Everyday Things (author?)

> "Gradual" design (Petrovski)

> Tuff Shoes

> Heineken Wobo (sp?) project

> Microsoft Seadragon scaling program.

> Filofax: the wow product. (get one)

> ersatz

Alice Fact: Rain keeps the smells of the city's cooking down, makes it smell nice.

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