Thursday, 20 October 2011

Neil (PM)

A general feeling of mentors in mindset we should be further along in our projects

Recap on Monday 17th

> What ways am I pushing, learning new practical skills?

> Practical stuff may need 3rd party help: don't be a martyr

> Find entrepreneurial ways to get it done if you don;t have the technical skills down.

> ie: CODING. I don;t have the knowhow to do that, so mock it up as an animatic

> Start thinking now what technical skills wi be needed to succeed.

> The polish, the refinement: high level of presentation of research findings with depth.

> Engage critically, don't defer: How far can these sources be trusted?

> A certain number of hours are expected to be seen in the hand-in of each unit.

> Practical: lots of good stuff with plenty of documentation.

> a BIG record of all practice, with reflections (which helps when shit hits the fan)



> Keep all of the failed stuff, investigate and reflect on why it failed.

Neil's stuff is:

> The Learning Plan/Presentation of Learning Plan


> Focused

> Subject specific

> Design culture

> everything Else

Inspiration doesn;t just occur, you have to go and LOOK for it.

The lonely genius is redundant.

> Find good blogs for quick reads (see Neil's suggestions)

> If you are struggling with a book: Leave it. Move on. It's their fault. Screw academic jargon.

> Conversely: carry a dictionary.

> The solution to a design problem is not always internal to the design itself.

> Get busy researching

> Cultivate the curiosity (don;t forget the boring bits too)

> give 2 weeks of Neil's "try everything" approach a go.

> The curious sponge.

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