Monday, 17 October 2011

Neil (AM)

> Journals:

Design History

Design Studies

> Anheuristic: an open ended learning device.


> Take the direction and run with it.

> Other points can be kind of neglected.

> Definitely highlight the context though.

> This is an offered model. THINK.

> Models of presentation:

Know who the project is for (and not just the tutor)

Gives a clue how to cast it.

Tailor work towards a focused, personal goal.

Research FOR

can be broken down to:

> Generic Skills

> Reflective Practice

> Sources of Inspiration

Generic Skills: (practice specific elements plus...)

> writing
> sourcing
> organising
> researching
> bibliographical

Accumulation of knowledge.
It just makes you a better problem solver.

Especially the bits you're not interested in.

Cultivate Curiosity.

Walk a different route daily.

> Forget the naive artist.
> Understand. Know your area.


Things that go wrong. Think. Embrace. Learn.


> Ideas

> Floaty vs Method vs Demystified

> Comes back to being well informed.

> Better informed = fewer mistakes = more productive

Example: Harry Beck and the London Underground Diagram

> Based on his knowledge of electrical diagrams.

> Others did not have the tacit knowledge, or indeed general knowledge, to do it.


> Legality

> Legibility

> Cultural

(Can forget about them temporarily when ideas generating, then reign it back in.

Watched film "OBJECTIFIED"

> A lot of high and mighty designers in their ivory towers, talking about things we never see.

John (PM)

Recap on Neil

> Critical Distance

> Neil is trying to dispense with the BA "that's nice" mindset.

> Be Objective

Module talk:

> Testing a number of options right now

> Write blog for yourself

> Course gives a framework, we provide direction.

> Folio: Relevant/appropriate. Things that inspire you.


> DO

> Get going on the peer led discussions as part of the x10 Project.

Seminars/Presentations by 2nd Year part timers.

> Interesting to get talking and networking with one another, will be following up Justin and Mike for further talks.


Relaxed drawing of ideas for presentation of contextual review.

Happy with progress, will review with John tomorrow.

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