Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fulfilling morning working on sketches for side projects,
and listening to pertinent Webcomic Beacon Podcasts.

Tutorial with Sue (PM)

> Discussed that things hadn't gone great last week

> Again: don't panic! (or at least panic in a productive way)

> Went over talk with John from yesterday (see previous post): Sue feels that Larkin is the one that has "legs".

> More consideration of line: work with dip-pen more!

> consider the handmade aesthetic more: it really works for me


> David Hughes- Walking the Dog. Scroll format, needs decoding. Have a look.

> Oliver Jeffers- Ipad based graphic novel.

> Handmade aesthetic- apply it to everything: academic gumshoe, man!

Visited Frequency Festival Exhibition: Critical Mass by Threshold Studios.

> Randomized short films played on a constant loop, some dealing with lack of sound, some not.

> Interesting, may implement further.

Decided to allow myself some downtime for the afternoon/evening, relaxed doodling and catching up.

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