Monday, 26 September 2011

Gyles Lingwood (PM)

Essentials for Effective Idea Generation

Ideas (What? Where?)

 Possible Answers

 Combinations, one thing working with another to make something greater.
 …often the more unexpected the meeting, the more interesting the idea.

No stimulation
No combinations
No ideas


New stimulation
New combinations
New ideas

When you widen your perspective, and see more, you reap more benefits.

Tony Hatter:

“Anything you do in life informs your ideas generation”

Actively Searching for New Ideas

 Ideas do not happen at your desk, sitting still
 Ideas happen during activity
 Look out for the fear of the blank page


Walk around, gesture, talk, get involved in/out of the studio

Is it a “Good” Idea?

 The only way to find out is to have more, more, more.
 Get energised, generate as much as possible
 For a good final idea you have to generate an awful lot.

Thomas J Watson:

“If you want to succeed, double your failure rate”

Think in Stages

 1) Get “food” (research and experience)
 2) Chew it over (think, talk it over, look deeper)
 3) Let it digest.

Utilise (and Trust) Your Subconscious

 Don’t overthink, distract the brain with something engrossing



The open-plan office/library is not always the best idea. Studies have shown they can stunt productivity.


 Collaboration: it’s like idea/concept tennis.

 BUT: be aware that some people are “energisers”, others are “drainers”.

Think of “yes, and…” more than “no, but…”

 More to be gained by sharing ideas than protecting or hiding them.
 The more you give, the more you receive.

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