Monday, 26 September 2011

(AM) Initial chat with John and Neil

> MA room is the hub

> Will be roving between areas

>Will have contact with other MA courses (fine art*)

> Mentors will only have a certain number of hours to spare, utilise them well.

> be entrepreneurial with contacts

> Neil And John will be constant support

> Visit all of the galleries/shows

> Notebook/Camera/Dictaphone

> Childlike attitude to investigation, TAKE NOTHING AT FACE VALUE

> record all thoughts

> narrow down, be open to suggestion

> attention to detail: coherence is key.


> Be organised

> it will be about the practical work produced

> maybe a technical manual?

> Understanding, but also a QUESTION

To Consider

> Design is affordance vs constraints? (look into psychological basis)

> Designer is not a consumer, where do I sit as to how much this apply to me?

> How much do i make my practice about me?

> We are designing for a saturated, satiated, consumer society

*Catherine Birch head of course.